Daily Bible Verses

Get a free Bible Verse on your mobile by subscribing with us, watch Christian Videos, download Christian wallpapers, have your say in Forums, download Urdu Geet and Zaboor, submit your prayer requests and many more. Only in Pakistan.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to spread the Word of God using the communication media.

Our History

Daily Verses started its services on 9th December 2007 and had 35 members on its first day. It was a great experience sending verses on mobile phones of the People across Pakistan. Although we had a very short subscribers list in the beginning, we prayed to God and continued our service, God blessed us and the number of subscribers increased day by day.
Many interested subscribers also joined the network for the Glory of God. Now the organization has handsome number of subscribers from all over Pakistan. We cover all the networks operating in Pakistan and the service is absolutely free of cost.
9th December 2008 on the very first anniversary of Daily Verses, started our English service. It is amazing as we are getting a very good response from people. As they can receive verses in either of or both languages at the same time.
We are mainly operating from Lahore Pakistan and have branch in Karachi also.