Daily Bible Verses

Get a free Bible Verse on your mobile by subscribing with us, watch Christian Videos, download Christian wallpapers, have your say in Forums, download Urdu Geet and Zaboor, submit your prayer requests and many more. Only in Pakistan.


About Daily Verses

  1. What is Daily Verses?

    Daily Verses is a group of people who send Daily Bible Verse to all the members who have subscribed for the service.

  2. Where the group is based?

    The group is based in Lahore, Pakistan. However we do have members who send Verses in Karachi and Sialkot.

  3. How old is Daily Verses?

    Daily Verses started in December 09, 2007 and is active till now.

  4. How can I help in the promotion of the Service?

    You can Help us telling other people about the subscription process so that we can send Bible Verses to as many people as the Lord our God wants us to send.

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Sending Bible Verses

  1. What is the time of sending Daily Bible Verse?

    Daily Verse is sent in the morning time from 6 A.M to 10 A.M.

  2. Can we receive in more than one language?

    Yes you can receive in more than one language provided that you make a special request.

  3. What if I am not receiving Bible Verses?

    If you are not receiving Bible Verses or receiving late you should send an sms to the number from which you get the Verse.

    Write you problem in a message and send it will be corrected soon.

  4. Is this service available for countries other than Pakistan?

    At this time this service is available in Pakistan only.

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Supporting Daily Verses

  1. Who is financially supporting Daily Verses?

    Daily Verses is self supported and no external group is supporting Daily Verses.

  2. What if I want to send a Donation for Daily Verses?

    If you want to send us a donation you can contact us and we will send you the details through E-Mail.

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