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Have you ever lost your faith? Losing faith is like mourning the death of a family member or friend. Loss makes you feel an extreme sense of desolation. Faith is trust, confidence, belief, and assurance. What happens when you give your all? Is your plate still empty at the end of the day? An empty plate at the end of the day is very disturbing to the physical eye. However, I challenge you to look beneath the empty plate. God is still in control, and He will fill the plate in his time. Trusting God is equivalent to walking in a jungle with your eyes closed. You will encounter vines, snakes, rare bugs, heat, rain, and undeveloped land. It’s up to you to follow God without doubt. Remember that He created the jungle, and He will never lead in into a place without a plan to bring you out! Are you ready to trust Him?


i want Jesus, not religion.church is very important in every Christian walk. Jesus did it all the time.

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