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What if we do not confess (1 John 1:9) all of our sins when we accept Christ? 


1 John was written to believers, toChristians, to help them in their walk of fellowship with the Lord. All of oursins are forgiven when we put our faith in Christ and we are given an eternalrelationship with God as His children. However, there is still the need fordaily cleansing in the believer?s life in order to have fellowship with theLord. Confession is for daily fellowship.

Known sin in the life of a believer grieves theHoly Spirit and quenches His power (Eph. 4:30; 1 Thess. 5:19). But honest-to-God, sincereconfession brings forgiveness from the standpoint of abiding in the Lord orwalking in fellowship with Him. Thus, when we confess our sins, God forgives usfrom the sins we confess PLUS He cleanses us from all our unknown sins. Ourseries, ABCs for Christian Growth willexplain this in much more detail.




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what is that series???????

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Im in need of healing n i bliv tht GOD touch ma heart , ma mind

n ma body n bring me complete healing .i wish 2 knw u more n 2 follow u wid al ma heart,mind n strength . GOD plz 4giv me 4 ma sin n bring healing 2 ma lif .

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God bless you. He is almighty nothing is impossible for God. i will pray for you that the Lord is heal you spritualy, phisicaly and socialy, in every part of your life

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